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Richmond Tale BN.jpg A Tale, Nearly True, of Richmond, Virginia

In this novel-formatted tale, Zatorah Lynn Leeman is a psychology professor in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After some consideration, she opts to join seven others in paranormal research to take place in Richmond, Virginia. In preliminary studies, the city showed itself to be a good candidate for exploration of its ghostly past.

Until now, Zatorah never dreamed of taking part in such a study. However, the idea of traveling to and conducting investigations in the "city on the James" intrigues her. First, it is the place of her birth, some thirty-two years prior, but one of which she has no memory. Her mother, Torasine Heinz, left both Richmond and Zatorah's father before she was a year old. Second, she and husband, Peter Leeman, have, of late, been virtually bombarded with out-of-the-blue references to Richmond, Virginia from various sources. Zatorah now takes that development as a sign that Richmond, for whatever reason, beckons her.
With the reported death of her mysterious father a recent reality in her life, Zatorah begins to have dreams about him. These, too, appear to show a Richmond connection. So, after consultation with an East Cambridge psychic, Zatorah resolves to see just what her time and work in Richmond will uncover. She has no idea that her investigations there will ultimately be tied, in unplanned and unscheduled turns of events, to an area of Richmond with an tantalizing history. People she will meet, both related to and unrelated to the planned study, are destined to have a dramatic effect on her life and way of viewing the world.​