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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​R. M. Ahmose​​​

​Engrossing Tales of Suspense, in Fiction          

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               About the most recent book:​

666 Doves and More Intriguing Tales is a collection of three stories, each combining mystery, suspense and a challenge to the reader to review present concepts of the "nature" of things.

Story one, "666 Doves", features a novice news reporter who has been sent on an unenviable interview assignment, ​but becomes immersed in pursuit of a compelling mystery, one that he and the world at large may not survive.

Story two, "Angela and the Heavens," starts with a woman following a week-day routine. Within an hour, she finds herself in a strange otherworldly place and counseled as to which level of Heaven may be right for her.

In "The King's Counselor", the old king is dying and a prince of primogeniture seems impatient to take on the mantle of monarch. Suspicious of the old king's relationship with his most cherish ed advisor, the prince presents the counselor with a challenge to prove that his gift of good advice
 is sound and not satanic.


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